Maybe a squeeze page is what your business is lacking?

If you have never heard about squeeze pages, a simple definition is this: a squeeze page is similar to a dedicated website landing page, where its sole purpose is to capture email addresses from potential clients. In most cases, you have to give something in exchange. It may be a free trial, a free e-book or a discount voucher. Unlike a landing page, this kind of page should be very simple: ask only for an e-mail and maybe a name.

Some studies revealed that well devised squeeze pages can increased a website’s conversion rate considerably. Maybe this is what your business is lacking if your website’s visitors are not turning into potential sale leads.

Just like in the case of a landing page, you should be very careful when designing and promoting this type of page. There is a list of questions that you need to answer in order to create a converting squeeze page:

Is your message clear enough?
Is your message targeting the right audience?
Is this targeting effective?
Do you use marketing and advertising to promote the squeeze page?
Is your freebie interesting enough?
Does your message look too insistent?
Does it have too many links?
Did you keep it clear and simple?

Beside all these questions, there are more tips we can give you to set up a convincing squeeze page.

* Advertise it. On Google, Social Media, your company’s blog. A squeeze page, just like any other page, needs traffic and it needs to be shown wherever is possible.
* Don’t lose yourself in useless bla-bla. Tell your visitor what’s in it for him. Loud and clear. That’s the only thing your text should say. That and “free” or ‘special offer’ and “insert your e-mail address”.
* Have you defined your target market? If they are women or men, young or old, educated or less educated? Good, when you know exactly who you are addressing, your job is half done.
* Have a clear plan in mind, before launching the squeeze page.
* Have a clear call to action. Simple, short, convincing.
* Don’t forget about following-up. If you don’t follow-up, all your efforts are in vain.