Website Analysis

We can provide an independent and holistic review of your website's design, usaibility, functionality, coding, search engine optimisation efforts and overall strategic approach.

Evaluating the potential for your web development

We will review the existing website and business to evaluate the potential for development using the following considerations:

• Client Relationships
• Value Propositions
• Distribution Channels
• Communication
• Relationship Management
• Business Development
• Marketing

Considering how the website can contribute to each of these business functions should, we feel, dictate to a greater or lesser extent the visibility and promotion of each element on the  website.
In Most cases we our reports will most specifically consider the functions of improving the Sales and Marketing function of the organisations web strategy. With this in mind, Niceone designs and implements web technologies with several best practice approaches as guidelines:

The site must firstly be fit for purpose, that is all the functional objectives must drive the design and implementation of the site, the user experience must be driven by ease of use and results.

Security & Stability
The site must be available 24/7/365, it must be fast to load and work on all platforms. The site must guarantee security and confidentiality to all users.

Best Technology
The site should utilise the best solutions available today. Developing for the internet is a constantly evolving challenge and Niceone prides itself on staying abreast of best use practice.

Beautiful Design & Enjoyment
Choosing services providers and products over the internet is often informed by instinctual reactions on the part of users. We believe that if a site can engage the user positively at an aesthetic level, then there is a better chance of a sale. Equally if the site can make an impression on the user by providing a pleasurable web experience we believe there is a higher chance of repeat visits and customer loyalty.