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If your company’s site isn’t ranking well on the major Search Engines, either as an organic search result or a Google Ad, then most customers aren’t going to know you exist. This will mean that you’ll be missing out on the enquiries and sales that your business needs to succeed. In an age where customers are primarily searching for products and services online, it’s not something that most companies can afford to ignore.

With over 20 years experience in SEO & Web Marketing, our work has seen us collaborate with our clients for many years, to ensure their organisations have a strong online presence. We work on both social media platforms and google search to ;

  • Promote 

  • Drive awareness

  • Increase website traffic

  • Drive & increase sales

Our strategies are based on utilising data-driven insights and the following;

  • Seo

  • Pay per click

  • Social Media

  • Blogging & Content Management :

  • Video

Search Engine Optimisation

The following outlines the activities undertaken on an ongoing basis to improve search engine rankings of websites based on selecting the keywords and phrases that will return the highest ROI:

Keyword Research & Analysis – A study of keywords and phrases based on search volume averages to identify the most searched for and relevant to your business

Title, Meta, & Alt Tag Creation – Developing and tagging elements throughout your website’s code based on the most relevant keywords and phrases used by visitors to search for your products

XML Sitemap - Create an XML sitemap and submit to search engines to ensure your website is indexed efficiently

Niche & Local Directory Submissions – Manually sending link details to relevant directories and search engines for listings

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Account Creation:  Account creation involves setting up and managing your business on the social networks i.e. Facebook, Google Business,LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Twitter. For those accounts already created, we will review and re-edit them to be as effective as they can be, ensuring they include all relevant company information.

Social Sharing, Interacting & Responding: You need to tell the world what you have to offer, but more than that your business needs to come across as an authority and a leader in your field.

A Good Content Strategy establishes a calendar of key postings to be included on an ongoing basis and establishes the most appropriate sources for information sharing. We will post and share relevant company news including; training updates, product updates and industry news. This new content can then be posted out through social media, informing your connections that there's something new to read, giving them a reason to frequently link into your website.

Google AdWords - Pay Per Click

We have been running highly successful Pay Per Click campaigns for our clients for over 10 years,

Pay per click is the fastest way to get effective, geo-targeted exposure online and we recommend its use in advertising, along with a Search Engine Optimisation campaign. Pay per click will give you critical and timely traffic with a measurable return on investment.

Compared to impression-based campaigns where advertising is based on the number of impressions displayed and not on clicks received, Google Adwords offers a high level of assurance that your campaign is reaching the proper target. When a customer searches for one of thousands of highly targeted keywords related to your product or service, your ad will appear next to a search engine’s organic results.

Each Google Adwords campaign involves researching relevant keywords and bid prices, creating ad copy, and monitoring / editing to effectively target the key market.

Why is  Search Engine Optimisation, Online Marketing  & Pay Per Click Advertising so important now?

With anywhere from 75-90% of Internet users beginning their quest for information on search engines, Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click advertising creates real opportunities for businesses to cost-effectively make contact with customers online.

We believe a strategically designed website development, followed on by a well planned out Pay Per Click campaign and properly managed SEO can have a dramatic impact for businesses today. In addition to Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click advertising, there are now a variety of online and social media activities that an organisation can participate in to promote their interests on the internet.

We will provide you with highly effective online marketing solutions that help you meet your business goals and objectives. Read on to find out about the types of work we do for our clients when we undertake web marketing on their behalf.

Website Analysis

We conduct a full analysis of your website's design, usability, functionality, coding, search engine optimisation efforts and overall strategic approach and make recommendations on how you can improve and be best placed to take advantage of the web for marketing purposes and ways to develop your online opportunities.

We make strategic recommendations for your ongoing digital development plans and innovations to meet your customer needs and provide functional expertise, best practices and approaches regarding the execution of those developments.

We will use Google Analytics to generate detailed information and statistics on your website's traffic and traffic sources.

Content Strategy

We create and deliver useful, usable content for your online audiences.

We create and publish customer-focused content, press releases and blogs, creating a personalised and unique voice for your online presence and social media activities.

We create Promotional videos for use as part of your SEO Strategy

Blogging Services

Onsite blogging has many advantages -  it give a website a voice and can add a ’ friendly & personable’ feel that is so often lacking on many websites today.  When produced on a weekly basis, your blog can create the vital ‘fresh content’ that Google will use to rank the relevance of your website.  Blog content can then be posted onto your social media accounts to extend the reach of your news, information and insights.

We provide a weekly blogging service where we produce relevant articles supporting and educating your audiences on your products and services, based on research and analysis of your business and your target audiences.

YouTube Channel Marketing & Video Content Creations

People often don’t realise that YOUTUBE is the second biggest search engine on the internet today.

We setup and manage your YouTube channel presence and video content. We focus on creating reusable video content for your business, that can be used in multiple online scenarios all of which also supports your SEO rankings.


B2B LinkedIn Management

As part of our SEO service, we also manage the LinkedIn profiles of key people in an organisation, allowing us to better manage postings, the company profile and company contacts.

Google Analytics

We install Google Analytics on your website to generate detailed information and statistics on the website's traffic and traffic sources to plan, manage and monitor all aspects of your website’s online presence, both onsite and offsite.

In Simple Terms - What Can You Expect when we work on your Web Marketing?


We will provide you with the most effective online marketing solutions that fit with your business goals and objectives.

Research & Analysis

We undertake thorough research to to find out how your customers are looking for, finding and educating themselves on the types of goods/services you offer.


Our team of writers, researchers, SEO and social media experts will promote, manage and maintain your online presence.

Experience the Results

Easily monitor all results we achieve for your website in the reporting we provide.

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