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We work with our clients to build the digital technologies that improve their business processes – we are experienced in creating the tools to optimise workflows, create collaborative work environments, enhance the customer experience and provide better insights into organisational performance.

A quick overview of our most recently deployed mobile & web applications

Asset Tracking & Management Web & Mobile Application

Renault Truck required a system to easily track their high value moving assets.

The company had their own system for managing their assets and did not want an off-the-shelf product, but rather a bespoke solution that would match their way of doing things and that could be easily adopted by company employees.

For this purpose we designed, developed and deployed an asset tracking and management system that used a central web based administration. This system deployed jobs to mobile apps to be used by staff to update vehicle movements, store general vehicle updates and all customer interactions.


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Respa Beds is a family-owned business operating in Oldcastle, Co Meath for over 70 years. Respa has an annual turnover of over €20m with 170 employees.

Fours years ago, they asked us to work with them to develop a system to manage and store proof of delivery dockets. Since this time, we have worked with them on all aspects of their delivery operations and processes and together we have worked to transform a completely paper based manual setup into a 100% technology led system.

The system built is cloud based and uses both mobile and web based technologies to manage and report all aspects of the delivery process. Today, they have no more lost paperwork and all information relating to sales and deliveries is digitally stored and searchable.

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The Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland (ACEI), established in 1938, is the professional body representing the business and professional interests of firms and individuals engaged in Consulting Engineering.

In 2015, we were selected during a competitive tendering process to redevelop the ACEI brand and website and while working together with ACEI, we also identified opportunities where they could move many of their labour intensive and repetitive activities online to be easily managed using web based applications

Since this time, we have worked with ACEI to build a suite of digital technologies to improve the day to day running of the organisation, free up resources and enhance the member experience.

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Erne Lifting Services provide a wide variety of  bespoke inspection services throughout Europe.  Each and every inspection is followed by a report of examination. 

We created a cloud based system to enable the daily management and monitoring of both their off site workforce and their inspection reports / document management. Key development areas include;

  • complete project scheduling system

  • project management

  • assignment and dispatch

  • resource management

  • client & asset database

  • employee database system

  • customer report management system, and

  • client portal

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