What is Real-Time Marketing?

Have you heard of real-time marketing? Maybe not, but even if you haven’t we’re sure you’ve experienced it at least once on one of the social media networks you are using. So, what’s real-time marketing? Here’s what Wikipedia says:

Real-time marketing is marketing performed “on-the-fly” to determine an appropriate or optimal approach to a particular customer at a particular time and place. It is a form of market research inbound marketing that seeks the most appropriate offer for a given customer sales opportunity, reversing the traditional outbound marketing (or interruption marketing) which aims to acquire appropriate customers for a given ‘predefined’ offer. The dynamic ‘just-in-time’ decision making behind a real-time offer aims to exploit a given customer interaction defined by website clicks or verbal contact centre conversation.

Now that’s quite a mouthful! so in simpler terms, real-time marketing means seizing an unique opportunity and turning it to your advantage by marketing on the spot.