Whats the SEO work we do all about?

Effective search engine optimisation results in top search engine rankings that bring increased premium targeted visitors from search engines to your website..

SEO & business

We directly impact on the bottom line for our clients by gaining them top rankings on the search engines,  with over 10 years proven expertise in mulitple market sectors and geographic locations, we can do the same for your buisiness.

 SEO & Strategically developing your website

Visibility in search engines is crucial when planning a website’s structure and content. It is a fundamental requirement that a website is developed with Search Engine Optimisation as a key priority, i.e. the potential to be listed at the top of Google in a particular field. This approach brings multiple benefits:

 The site is designed with a customer-centric approach e.g. what words would an informed user use to find you site?

  • Content is structured in a logical, hierarchical manner.

  • The site is designed with an emphasis on relevant data.

  • The site is supported by a content management system that allows fast, flexible updates to be made by users with no technical expertise.

To improve search engine ranking when working on SEO campaigns, we undertake the following Search Engine Optimisation activities:


Advanced Keyword Research and Analysis 

A study of keywords and phrases based on search volume averages for various search engines is the first step in our Search Engine Optimisation campaign.

Keyword Selection 

Based on our research, we select the most appropriate keywords and phrases to achieve top SEO rankings.

Title, Meta, and Alt Tag Creation 

We develop tags throughout your website’s code based on the keywords and phrases selected for Search Engine Optimisation.

XML Sitemap

We create an XML sitemap that can be submitted to Search Engines to help index your website based on chosen keywords and phrases.

Keyword Density Testing

We analyze your website content for appropriate keyword density and recommend changes and improvements.

Website Structure and Design

We review your website design and coding to establish ‘search engine friendliness’ and make suggestions on improvements required.

Article & News Submissions

Submission of articles to various online publications that link directly to your website.

Directory, Classified Ads and Search Engine Submissions 

Manually sending links to relevant directories and search engines for indexing and caching.

Monthly Status Report

SEO reports containing ongoing monthly keyword progress.