Is your website retina-ready?

For quite a while now, the digital industry has been talking about responsive websites and the importance of having layouts that are mobile-friendly. We are no exception here. However, we believe that everyone might be ignoring an important area of development: retina displays. We know what you’re thinking: “Oh, do we have to be ready for those, too?” Indeed, you do!

First things first: what is a retina display?

Retina display is a brand name used by Apple for screens with really high pixel-density. We could explain everything from a technical point of view, but we think it’s better to show you an image that is pretty self-explanatory:

The beauty is in the details

Basically, retina is all about sharpness and detail. The user is not supposed to see individual pixels but, in some cases, we do. We are talking about blurry and pixelated images, rough corners and edges and so on. What retina is trying to achieve is that sharp and clear look we get on print.

A regular website will look awful on a retina display. Why would you care? Well, over 30m people are using devices with retina displays. That number is anything but insignificant.

In just a few words, this is why you should optimise your website for retina:
– better responsiveness
– sharp look
– more vivid colours
– a vibrant look