What is UX Design and why it Matters?

Let’s start off with a quick and simple definition: UX stands for User Experience and it represents the way a person feels when interacting with your website, app, software or, basically, any digital product.

While design focuses on brand identity and good taste, UX design is all about the intuition, connection and emotion.

There are plenty of good designers, but it’s a bit harder to find one who’s also a specialist in UX. Besides the set of artistic skills, a good UX designer also needs to be very analytical and empathic; he needs to be able to put himself in the user’s shoes to be able to understand what he expects.

Here are a few things you should never forget !

Regardless of how big the website is, user experience is just as important. We often hear about user experience in the e-commerce context, where everything needs to be accessible and organised, in order to effortlessly allow a customer to make an online purchase. However, UX is equally important for a business-card website.

UX improves your client-return rate. No matter how good the content may be, if the website’s design is sloppy, your potential clients will not be impressed. Yes, content is king, but don’t overlook the visuals, because the presentation is just as important.

It’s easier to implement it right from the start. Many business owners are making a huge mistake: “let’s launch the website like this and we’ll improve it later on”. We say it’s a mistake because it’s cheaper and more efficient to make a website responsive or UX-friendly right from the start than to have to go and adapt it later.