Traditional advertising vs. Online advertising

Advertising plays a big part in our lives and on a day to day basis and we often barely register it’s constant influence. Watching the video above shows how advertsing has developed over time and finally become what we know it as today.

Now as the Internet brings new challenges and opportunities to advertisers both online and off, online advertising is and should be a serious cost effective consideration for businesses today:

Online Advantages

1. Cost – Compared to other traditional advertising methods, online marketing is extremely cost effective.

2. Measurement – Online, everything is measurable. There are  methods of measurement in the traditional advertising as well, but they are not as reliable. Online marketing provides access to a range of exactness and details never before available.

3. Interaction – Engaging the users is something you’ll never be able to do by using a traditional method of advertising.

Change your game

At first, the online advertisers tried to import verified models from other channels. Of course, the internet has developed really fast and the advertising needs to keep up. So yes, you can still see banners and annoying splash screens here and there, but why bother your users with this when you can make them want to interact. Internet marketing (the “correct” one) is all about conversation, about engagement.

You have many playgrounds

Take a look at the leader social media networks. Unlike other traditional methods, you can adress millions of users in a matter of seconds. And that’s quite something, isn’t it?

For example, we – Nice One – have embraced all these new media techniques. If you are a business owner, give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll make sure you see all that online marketing can do for your business.