What are the Common mistakes when choosing a CMS?

We now live in an era where pure HTML websites are no longer an option, at least not if you want a great website to help run your business. Most websites are based on a Content Management System, either one that’s custom built by a company or an off the shelf open-source platform.

Of course, both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

For starters, a custom built CMS is great if you want special functionality or specific interfaces. On the other hand, you are tied to the company that developed it. Meanwhile, an open source platform has more than a team of developers working on it and you might find free/cheap modules you can use. However, this type of CMS is not as customisable as the previous example and you have to be extra careful with the security and all the other risks associated with using poorly written code.

What are the common mistakes when choosing your CMS?

Letting your IT department do choosing.

While a CMS can be perfect for the geeky guys in the “tech” department, consider the other people who are going to use it. Choose the most non-technical employee and let him test drive the CMS. If the person requires a lot of training to be able to use the platform, don’t choose it.
Relying on the development community too much.

As we said before, there are a lot of developers working on the open source platforms and that can create its own problems.


Complicated and poorly developed, not to add the fact that its security is really problematic. We can’t find a single reason why you should choose this platform.