Big Adobe Creative Cloud Update

Big Adobe Creative Cloud Update

In general, when we hear about a new update, we usually think it’s all about bugs being fixed and other issues addressed, but this time, Adobe has come up with a big surprise: all the apps in the Creative Cloud (15 of them) have new features.

Let’s see some of the new adobe perks:

Photoshop CC

There are two major (and more than welcomed) changes. Firstly, Photoshop now supports multiple art boards, something that designers have really been wanting.

The second big change is the new Photoshop Design Space. This is a new design mode created specifically for web and UI designers. In this mode, Photoshop will remove all excessive features and provide you a GUI centred entirely on the web/app design.

Illustrator CC

The magnification has been boosted 10 times (from 6,400% to 64,000%) and now has a dedicated mode for charts and infographics.

Dreamweaver CC

The app now has a new responsive design built-in. While this might not be very useful for experienced web designers and developers it sure is brilliant for beginners and, pretty useful for just turning out some quick mockups.

We believe it’s safe to say that Adobe has always an important player on the market, but we are glad to see them constantly working to keep their tools relevant.