Website Marketing - Whats Involved?

……driving customers to your website, increasing your online sales,  and generating new business leads ……

Online Marketing – SEO, Social Marketing & Blogging

In general the higher up a website appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine and the more sales opportunities will be generated. We use a combination of Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Blogging to improve the quality of traffic to a web site from search engines results. We believe that this combination is the most effective way to drive your customers to your website.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Account Creation:  Account creation involves setting your business up on the social networks i.e.  Facebook, GooglePlus, and Twitter. For those accounts already created we will review and re-edit them to be as effective as they can be and includes all relevant company information.

Social Sharing, Interacting & Responding: You need to tell the world what you have to offer but more than that your business needs to come across as an authority and a leader in your field. We will devise a

Content Strategy and establish a calendar of key postings to be included on an ongoing basis and establish the most appropriate sources for information sharing. We will post and share relevant company news including; training updates, product updates, and industry news.ure it creates the impression and tone of how you want your business to be promoted. This new content can then be posted out through social media, telling your connections there's something new to read and giving them a reason to frequently link into your website.

Search Engine Optimisation

The following outlines the activities undertaken on an ongoing basis to improve search engine rankings of the Rationel website based on selecting the keywords and phrases that will return the highest ROI:

 Keyword Research & Analysis – A study of keywords and phrases based on search volume averages to identify the most search and relevant to your business.

Title, Meta, & Alt Tag Creation – Developing tagging elements throughout your website’s code based on the most relevant keywords and phrases used by visitors to search for your products

XML Sitemap - Create an XML sitemaps and submit to search engines to ensure your website is indexed efficiently.

Niche & Local Directory Submissions – Manually sending link details to relevant directories and search engines for listings.

Google Analytics

We will install Google Analytics on the website to generate detailed information and statistics on the website's traffic and traffic sources.

Why is  Search Engine Optimisation, Online Marketing  & Pay Per Click Advertising so important now?

With anywhere from 75-90% of Internet users beginning their quest for information on search engines, Search Engine Optimisation  and Pay per click advertising creates real opportunities for businesses to cost effectively make contact with customers online.

We believe a strategically designed website development followed on by a well planned out pay per click campagin and properly managed SEO can have a dramatic impact for businesses today. In addition to  Search Engine Optimisation  and Pay per click advertising, there are now variety of online and social media activities that an organisation can participate in to promote their interests online

We can also provide a full analysis of your website's design, usaibility, functionality, coding, search engine optimisation efforts and overall strategic approachand make recommendations on how you can improve on yor cirrent website and be best placed to take advantage and develop  your online opportunities.