Content marketing or how to increase your sales by… not trying to sell.

In Business today, everybody is selling somethin, be it a product or a service. And, how do you attract new customer and clients? by advertising your products, right? Pitching your products to your potential customers seems the logical way to do it, but there is a huge problem. Given the incredible amounts of information, the public is not only fed up with promotional content, but also “trained” to ignore it. So let’s look at a new way to attract, retain and engage your audience without explicitly selling anything. Is this a paradox? Perhaps, but it works.

The answer is content marketing!

A definition of content marketing, according to Wikipedia, sound like this:

“Content marketing is any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers.” (source)

This definition is a bit vague, so let’s explore this idea a little more, i.e. what content marketing really is and how you can use it to increase sales and retain customers and clients.

Basic sales notions state that for a certain amount of money a seller provides its customer a product or a service. Very simple, why would you, as a seller, give him more? Because you want your customer to buy from you, not from your competition, of course. Assuming the products or services are of the same quality and everything has the exact same price, giving something more to your customers can potentially place you in the leading position. Content marketing is based on this principle.

The main rule of content marketing is creating useful information. The purpose of this strategy is the loyalty (and revenue, let’s be honest) of your audience.

One last tip: Make sure your content is sharable and don’t forget that the essence of marketing is a good product. Also, don’t forget about your web design and development, SMM and SEO Campaigns.