Smartphones – Practical applications or entertainment?

Smartphones – Practical applications or entertainment?

Today smartphones are the business!  And of course, being so popular there is huge competition in the smartphone market….. market warfare. The big brands are busting their brains to find ways to rival and exceed the competition.

But ask yourself, what is one thing all these devices have in common? They are suppost to make your life easier. But, do they? Perhaps, but is this why we use them? In light of a recent research, no! They are just so much more entertaining than your old phone.

We looked at the most popular smartphone apps. When we say smartphone, we don’t refer to any particular brand, it could be any device (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Bada, MeeGo etc.) We were not surprised to find out that the devices are mostly used for entertainment and social interaction.

So, what apps do people find most interesting?


The one that rules them all. We guess this doesn’t come as a surprise. If only there were some glasses to show you your timeline permanently… Oh wait….


An application both loved and mocked. In any case, widely used.


Youtube’s presence in the top was expected.


It’s a bit exaggerated to call this micro-blogging, but those crumbs of information are a very fast and efficient way to communicate.

Google stuff

Android takes far more advantage of the the Google Suite than other mobile operating systems. However, the Google apps remain in the top.


This is a bit surprising. You wouldn’t expect watching TV shows on a 4″ display to be this popular.

Skype and WhatsApp

Communicating with your friends easy and free. There is another very popular option: google talk (or the lastest version –  Google Hangouts), but this is only because it comes preinstalled on Android devices.

These are the most popular apps according to some market researches. If we were to continue the list, we’d have to include: games such as Angry Birds or Temple Run, weather forecast apps, Flashlight (if you can believe it), GPS apps (Google Maps rather than the less fortunate Apple Maps) etc.

By looking at this list, we can say with certainity that the entertainment provided by the Smartphones is the big selling feature and key for further developments.