Flextronics see Big impacts with SEOs

Flextronics is one of the most respected global providers of logistics and aftermarket services worldwide.

  • Customer: Flextronics

  • Project Type: Web

  • Release Date: 2011

  • Delivered: Website Design, SEO, Custom Backend, HTML5/CSS3, MySQL, Google Adwords

Project Highlights

The Flextronics Website design was strategically developed to visually communicate the 3 key advantages of using a global provider of logistics and aftermarket services, while at the same time educating and highlighting the range and types of servies available from Flextronics.

Website Design Challenges

In the past, web design focused on including as much information and as much navigational options as possible for the user. 

However, it is now known that  excessive amounts of information and options can be problematic; time and attention is often limited and anxiety is created for the user often resulting in them leaving the website and searching for a more accessible information elsewhere.

Flextronics Global Service's has a very comprehensive and complex suite of services which are fully optimized to the specific requirements of their worldwide  customer base operating within the computing, consumer digital, infrastructure, industrial, mobile and medical markets.

Our challenge was to find a way to  communicate the types and nature of these  suites of services, easily and effectively to website visitors, in addition to the following, more specific website development requirements:

  • Highlight the locations and industries serviced by Flextronics Global Services

  • Clearly outline the services that are available from Flextronics Global Services and provide easy access to view and review these services.

  • Establish Flextronics Global Services as the organisation that can best fulfill client needs by providing answers to critical decision making factors e.g. expertise, reputation, service range and quality, locations etc.

  • Provide up-to-date information on the homepage detailing new developments, contracts won, awards, and industry news of interest to the Flextronics Global Services site visitors.

  • Encourage current and potential clients to make contact with enquiries on their requirements

  • Incorporate best practice in the design and development of the site to ensure that the site is optimised for search engines to easily explore and classify.

Mobile Website Design

Mobile devices are becoming more and more popular, and the capabilities of mobile phones and devices now make mobile a serious contender to traditional website access. In the past year Google recorded over 50% of all their web searches as made from mobile phones and in the next few years this technology is predicted to surpass the amount of internet users currently utilising desktop computers.

In developing the Mobile Website for Flextronics it iwas clear to us that a website meant for mobile users needs to be different from the one for desktop users as the former cannot contain all the features. We opted  for a minimalist design making the mobile website simple by incorporating only the necessary features.This mobile website needed to achieve the right balance between design and functionality to offer user friendly experience.

As mobile users utilise their fingertips on their touch screens to click, the clickable area wase made large enough to grab attention of the users and allow them an easy way to click through to the information on the four key service areas.


Ongoing Website Developments

We work closely with Flextronics on an ongoing basis in all of their online endeavours including all online marketing and website design and developments. Since we began working together we have increase search engine traffic to Flextronics by 75%.