Pinterest: Buyable pins rolling out on iOS

Earlier this month, Pinterest’s head of partnerships, Tim Kendall, hinted a new and very cool feature on Pinterest. We are talking about the integration of action buttons that allow you to buy products straight from the app.

If you are Pinterest fan, we bet there have been many times when you have wanted to ask a pinner “where did you buy this from!?” Well, with this new feature, you could place an order for it with just with just a few taps, from within the application (you won’t even need to be redirected to the retailer’s website). We are expecting major online stores to use these action buttons right away.

Buyable pins will roll out later this month and, at this point, the network is not charging anything for them. However, we don’t see this going on for long. Instead, we think this is a very smart trial period for companies to get a taste of the service.

One thing’s for sure: Pinterest is ready to take monetization really seriously. We have Cinematic Pins from major brands, buyable pins and who knows what’s coming next?