At last, Pinterest’s “Pin It” button is here.

We know most of you love Pinterest and we completely understand that; and needless to say we completely relate!  We value this as we do so much online marketing on behalf of our clients and more often than we’d like to admit, we were mesmerised by all those amazing designs, recipes and DIY projects.

Pinterest is a great place to store all kinds of materials you want to use someday. A new design for your living room, a refurbishment project, a tutorial for sewing a dress or an idea for your next haircut. But sometimes we stumble across these ideas outside Pinterest and we’d love to pin them in a board. Since recently, this was a bit annoying and time consuming since you had to go on Pinterest, hit “+” button (which is inconveniently placed at the bottom of the screen, in our opinion), select the “pin from a website” option and so on. And now you don’t have to do that anymore.

Of course, there were some plugins to help with all this, but nothing official. Now, we have a shiny new button from Pinterest, one that will get the job done with half the number of clicks.

“The Pin It button is how you save anything you want for later,” said Cesar Isern, product manager at Pinterest; check out his article on the subject.

The pinning process requires just three clicks and it also makes it easier for you to find the board where you want to pin your idea.