Digital Marketing – Captivate Your Audience

Put yourself in the regular user’s shoes. You are hit every second by so many marketing messages: ads on your social media accounts, google ads, banners, pop-ups and so on. How many of them do you actually see? And how many do you actually remember 10 seconds later?

Truth be told, we subconsciously filter all this information and it becomes what the industry refers to as “noise”. However, some commercial messages do stand out. What you need to do is to make sure yours is one of them. But how?

The way to captivate your audience

Let’s face it: 90% of the ads we see are boring and uninteresting. A good example is the basic and regular newsletter. If you send out an email blast without an interesting title, a very low percentage of people will open it, let alone pursue the information further (i.e. on your website).

Teasing means training your audience. Give them small amounts of information, enough to keep them interested and sufficiently less to keep them curious.

Learn what your customers react to and use exactly that!

Teasing doesn’t directly generate conversion

The success in a teasing campaign is not to be measured in conversion, but rather in engagement. By engaging your audience and moving it as much as possible in the direct marketing area is what will eventually increase your sales but also (and even more importantly) improve your client-retention rate.

Brand loyalty

Loyalty from the customer is what every brand wants, and this happens only by generating engagement and starting conversations with your audience. And, for this purpose, what works better than teasing and increasing interest?