3 Image Optimization Plugins for WordPress

You don’t have to be a photographer to be appreciative of high-resolution images, like you don’t have to be a designer to see that today websites are much more image-centred. The thing is, however, that although our broadband speed increased exponentially over the years, in order to be able to offer your audience the best user experience, you need to consider the size of the images. No one likes to wait ages for a photo to load. And “ages”, in the Online World, means no more than 2 seconds. Not to mention that a fast loading page is SEO-friendlier.

In today’s article, we are going to give a few solutions for those of you who are using WordPress for your blogs or websites.

EWWW Image Optimizer

This is a very popular plugin used to automatically optimise your photos, even those which you have already uploaded (prior the plugin installation). It works miracles with PNG and JPEG files, reducing their size but not the quality.

You can find it here.


This plugin takes an image and regenerates in in a number of smaller sized images, to fit perfectly on all devices. Your users will see the smallest possible image fit for their screen, this of course is extremely useful for those who are visiting your website on mobile devices.

You can find it here.

SEO Friendly images

As you know, ALT attributes and image TITLES are essential when it comes to SEO. If you haven’t set them for your images, this plugin will assign them automatically, according to your settings.