Boc Gases Ireland

BOC Gases have ben operating in Ireland for over 75 years & continues to invest to meet the growing requirements of the Irish economy for industrial, medical & special gases.

The Website Challenge

BOC gases, chemicals, equipment and services are used to manufacture, package and deliver the food, material goods and healthcare products and services essential to modern life. Almost every field of human endeavour uses their products and services and the website need to give access to this information without confusing potential customers with to much information.


Website Objective - Accessing Information

The Boc Gases Ireland website development provided visitors with acess to a large database of  these product and service details available from BOC in Ireland. For ease of use browsing could be conducted by Industry type or by Solution process. In addition a search function was available because of the large amount of data available for review.


Website Design Style

The design style is simple and uncluttered, despite the large quantities of information available on the website. The aim is not to overwhelm the website visitor but to allow them drill down to the information they need in as straightforward a manner as possible.


Website 'Look & Feel'

As an international organisation that operates throughout Ireland the imagery used on the website was to acknowledge and display their  appreciation for Ireland in all its nature beauty.