Will the new Facebook CTA button help your business?

If you haven’t noticed yet, Facebook introduced a new Call To Action button on their Pages. The button is placed over the top cover image, right next to the ‘Like’ button.

Page admins can change the button really easy, using a drop down menu. You are not allowed to enter your own text, but you are able to choose from a list of pre-set options and link the button to any page on your website.

Great news, but just how much does it help your business?

To be completely honest, not very much. Actually, there are very few people interacting with your content on the page. Usually, fans (or members of the targeted audiences) interact (engage) on the timeline, whether we’re talking about likes, shares or link/CTA clicks.

Another problem would be the fact that the button is not really noticeable, so it may take some time until people become aware of its existence. As a tip, if you want to emphasise it, modify your cover photo to draw attention. For instance, you can use arrows.

Is there a better way to get website clicks?

In fact, there is, but it’s not for free. You can create a Facebook ad that’s optimised for website clicks. These ads include the same type of CTA buttons, but they are pushed right under the user’s nose. As a result, for a small budget, you get a much (and by much we mean MUCH) higher Click Through Rate.