What is Gravit?

,,,, if you are dreaming of becoming a designer, you don’t need to start with buying expensive technology and software. Have you heard of Gravit?

What is Gravit?

Gravit is a design app. Now it’s not a full-scale design suite like Adobe, but it sure has its indisputable advantages, the most important being: it offers the creative possibilities you will find in a design suit, but the app comes in a considerably smaller number of megabytes.

The app is pretty robust with a very intuitive interface and strong tools. It can be used on Windows, Linux, Mac or – and this is amazing – right in your browser.

The development team also announced Gravit365, a cloud app that will allow team-wide collaboration at project level.

Besides all the benefits mentioned above, we must not forget an essential one: It’s free. You can download it directly from the>> official page.

Why is Gravit useful for pros as well?

Think about it, you may use all your design software on a computer, but it might be a drag to open Photoshop on your notebook. Or you might need to make some adjustments or even designs while traveling with only your tablet in your bag.

And now, according to the latest article posted by the team on the company’s blog, they have decided to make Gravit open-source.