What is a Responsively design website?

Recent web design strategies have come to embrace a methodology called ‘Responsive’ web design. This approach is founded on a principle of designing for mobile, tablet and desktop form factors with a consistent interface that scales across all devices.

Driven by the increase in use of mobile and alternative form factor devices, responsive design principles obviate the need for secondary designs for mobile or tablet devices, providing graceful realignment of elements according to the device the site is viewed on.

While up-front development of an adaptive site is more expensive than a desktop only version, the benefits of having an integrated adaptive mobile site are immense. Both sites are updated through one interface and the design remains consistent.

We design websites that respond to the device used to view them. This means allowing for viewing ratios (phone, iPad, portrait, landscape), and presenting modified web pages that correspond with the viewing platform.

This is a popular approach for companies seeking a seamless mobile experience. It ensures optimal browsing, offering the best possible platform to users, while requiring just one website.