Web Templates or Custom Designs? What to choose?

The beautiful thing about web design today is that it’s all so very flexible, here everyone can find their perfect solution. Today, we are going to compare web templates with custom designs. We’re not favouring any of them. All we want to do is draw a comparison that will help you make the right decision for your business.

Keep in mind: studies show that more than 90% of the Internet users say poor design is one of the main reasons not to trust a brand or company!


First and foremost, a template design is characterised by a certain uniformity or sameness if you will. No matter how much you customise a web template, it will end up resembling so many other websites.


If you are planning on managing your website yourself, the better option maybe to go with a web template. You’ll find plenty of tutorials, colour-schemes, skins and so on to use that may not be within your skillset to design.


Web templates are, of course, cheaper than a custom design.


While a custom design is perfectly tailored to fit your branding or personal taste, with templates you have significantly less options when it comes to customisation.


If you are planning on launching a complex website and not just an “online business card”, a custom design is what you need to choose.


If time is of the essence, then web templates win be faster to implement as you can skip all the website design stages.