How to Monitor Conversion with Google Analytics Goals

Monitoring Conversion with Google Analytics Goals

When it comes to conversion, many people believe that this means closing a deal, like selling a product to a website visitors. However, this is not all there is about it. There are very few cases when a website doesn’t have some sort of conversion. For instance, the following could be measurable conversions:

– sales and reservations
– subscribe to newsletter
– leave a review
– call
– social media actions (likes, share etc.)

Basically, converting a customer doesn’t necessarily mean he has to buy something, but rather takes an action you wanted him to take.

How do you measure and monitor conversion?

One of the best way to do this is by setting up goals in Google Analytics. Let’s take an example: If you put up a “Subscribe to our newsletter” form, you can see in Analytics how many of your visitors were converted and use that for further analysis?

First of all, make sure you have a “thank you” page (with a separate URL) after the form is completed. It could be a simple page saying “thank you for your subscription”. After you have it, set up a goal on this page in Google Analytics. Since your user has reached that page, it means he completed the form, making it easier for you to count using Analytics.

There are a lot of ways to monitor certain types of conversion. For instance, if you send your emails via MailChimp, you can easily look at all sorts of performance metrics. However, we would recommend using Google Analytics because you can integrate all the data into one place, you can compare, draw patterns, design strategies etc.