How to keep your organic traffic growing?

Sometimes, even though your website might be highly optimised SEO-wise, you may reach a point where the organic traffic remains at a certain level and does not increase.

Naturally, all companies need and want to evolve, so we are going to let you in on a trick you can use to increase your organic traffic when it seems like there is nothing else you can do.

The answer is to… answer. Provide answers for the questions your target audience is asking.

Let’s take a simple query: “how to lose weight”. Here’s what Google returns a plan of action.

Here’s another: “how to make pancakes”. Google returns a recipe.

So what happened? Instead of giving you a list of websites where you can find diets and pancake recipes, Google pulled out content (both text and images) from a website. Based on the results returned, we can draw two easy conclusions:

1. The results are, above everything, relevant.
2. The URLs are descriptive.

Google wants you to answer the questions the user asks in the search field. Along with the Hummingbird update, came the „semantic search”. Roughly, this means that Google is now able to better understand the words the user are using in their queries and provide relevant results. Long gone is the era when the engine was only searching exact matches of the keywords.

Where can you use this?

On any website! Even if your content is not structured as described above, you can always use the blog and create awesome and relevant articles that will attract the traffic.