How do you drive traffic to your Online Shop?

E-commerce is booming worldwide and if stores like Amazon are already well established, companies from all over the world are now joining the trend and looking for their market share. Your online store can join them, but, with all this competition, you need to become more cutting edge to make sure you won’t be left behind.

What’s the most important thing when discussing e-commerce? Conversion, of course. But how can you achieve online sales if you don’t have traffic? So here are the 3 key areas to focus on when devising your plans to drive traffic to your website so you can generate more leads and (obviously) sales.

1. Invest in SEO

We can’t stress enough the importance of SEO when it comes to traffic. For some of some of the well-known stores, up to 90% of the traffic comes from organic search rankings. The amount invested in the SEO campaign, compared to the revenue it can generate, is almost insignificant.

2. Be very active on Social Media

We already discussed the importance of Social Media, therefore we won’t repeat ourselves. All we have to say is that the picture below went viral over the past 2 weeks and for a good reason.

3. Reach out to bloggers and social celebrities

Although you might not realise it, bloggers are great influencers online. Establish which ones have the right audience for you and reach out to them. Sending free samples of your products will definitely help.

4. Pay Per Click

A good pay per click campaign will do miracles  for your business. Although it might seem relatively easy to do it yourself (enter credit card and run), you should seek professional help to make sure you get the best value for your money. An expert will know what keywords to choose, what call to action your clients best respond to etc.