Google launches the Publisher Plugin for WordPress

The WordPress platform is becoming more and more popular amongst both bloggers and businesses. The WP dashboard is constantly being improved and developers are launching plugin after plugin. Basically, users are now accustomed to having everything in their dashboard, at just one click away. There is a plugin for almost anything, from traffic indicators to fancy email marketing solutions or e-commerce modules.

It’s safe to assume that a large number of the WordPress users are also using Google products and we have been expecting an official plugin from Google for quite a while now.

Google announced recently the new Google Publisher Plugin. This allows WP users that have their own domain to access a few G services within their dashboard. 

The current version (still beta) supports AdSense and Webmaster Tools. However, in the foreseeable future, we are expecting Google to integrate many more of their services in this plugin.

The plugin is really intuitive and easy to use. For example, with AdSense, you can create different ad placements for your layouts and visualise them next to your content flow.