5 Web Design techniques that will gain your clients’ trust

Internet is not always a safe place and in most cases when it sounds too good to be true, it most certainly is. Just think about how many times you left a website because it just didn’t look trustworthy or because it looked like a scam. And it’s very possible it was not, but its overall feel lead you to close the tab. That is why we always emphasise how important it is to have a professional web design, essentially it is what your business needs to make your clients trust you. Furthermore, there are design elements to use in your website that will reinforce this trust should you decide to use them.

1. Certifications & Affiliations

People trust documents with seals and stamps. It gives them peace of mind and assurance. Websites are no different. If your business offers guarantees, is certified or affiliated, it is a good idea to include any these on your website, near your promise to your users.

2. Your clients’ logos

If you have a portfolio page and you list there your clients, make sure to add their logos, next to their company names. Logos are more powerful than just their names, because they immediately draw the attention and they are easily recognisable. Use your clients to leverage trust for your website.

3. Payment logos

As we said in the beginning, people can be sceptical, especially if your business is new and you don’t have enough notoriety. They’re afraid of being victims of credit card frauds. Build trust by displaying payment logos that they can recognise. Just like the clients’ logos, secure payment logos will help you gain their confidence.

4. Don’t hide from them

Trust is based on familiarity. If they see your name and can associate it to your photo, it will suddenly make them feel more comfortable. Just like in real life: do you trust someone whom you cannot see? So show your face and your employers’ faces on your about page. And while we’re at it, show all channels you can be contacted on: email address, physical address, phone number, Facebook / Google+ / LinkedIn page, Twitter account etc.

5. Testimonials

Did you ever buy something after reading the reviews? Have you ever chose a particular hotel because of the positive reviews? Why shouldn’t your business be chosen on the same principle. Ask your clients to write a few words about your services or products and advertise them on your website.