Airspeed Telecom

AirSpeed Telecom is Ireland's premier provider of licensed wireless high bandwidth voice and data services to business and public sector bodies and also a client of Nieone for over 16 years.

We worked on many aspect of the Airspeed website development over the years including brand development, SEO, Google Adwords, and many iterations of the website.

Website Development Objectives

The Airspeed Telecom website development was built with a focus on the following key criteria:

  1. Developing a strong company identity online that communicates the expertise  of the people within the organization and establishes with as much ease as possible that Airspeed can provide the services required by potential clients visiting the site

  2.  Outlining the details, benefits and options of working with Airspeed Telecom by clearly and concisely communicating the nature of the services available and the ‘value’ of having Airspeed as the chosen service provider

  3. Establishing Airspeed as the organisation that can best fulfill client needs by providing answers to critical decision making factors e.g. people, expertise, locations, reputation, service quality, etc

  4. Providing background information on Airspeed, for example, information on service philosophy, vision, expertise, project methodology etc

  5. Providing up-to-date information on the website featuring newly completed projects

  6. Encouraging site visitors to make contact with their enquiries and devise strong ‘calls to action’

  7.  Incorporating industry relevant and industry specific, commonly searched keywords and phrases throughout the website so that the website is optimized for seo

  8. Incorporating best practice in the design and development of the site to ensure that the site is optimised for search engines to easily explore and classify


Search Engine Optimisation

As part of the specification process we developed and named the website sections and subsections, product and service names, to do this we  conducted keyword and phrase research so that the terminology used on the website is the same terminology used by clients and potential clients when searching for the products and services on offer from Airspeed. This research also fed into the content and language that was developed and used throughout the website.


Online Marketing & SEO

We have developed and run Seo and Pay Per Click Campaigns for Airspeed Telecom for over 7 years providing them with asteady stream of sales leads and high search engine rankings