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Quality Homecare

Quality Homecare is a new addition to the Nua Healthcare Group providing residential, day & community outreach services to individuals with a range of diagnoses.

  • Customer: Quality Homecare
  • Project Type: Web
  • Release Date:
  • Delivered: Website Design, Brand Development

Website Design

This web design aimed to look highly  professional, warm, vibrant, fresh and distinctive  to help build the brand of Quality Homecare  by visually  communicating the characteristics and values of the organisation online.

In addition to developing this is unique 'look & feel' we wanted to make the website very easy to use, with a clear site structure.

To achieve this we devised a simple colour coded navigation system with each of the main service areas clearly marked using iconic coloured leafs.

We place thses at the heart of the homepage along with a simple welcome message and a statement to address at the outset the details of  unique appraoch taken by Quality Homecare. 

These items, along with a simple form to get in touch, was all we included on the homepage, to ensure everything was kept simple, calm  and respectful for the user wishing to research a senstive and personal service  for themselves or a loved one.


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