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Ocuco Software Solutions

Ocuco are Software Solutions specilaists for Independent Opticians, Optical Retail Chains and Optical Labs.

  • Customer: Ocuco Software Solutions
  • Project Type: Web
  • Release Date:
  • Delivered: Website Design, SEO, Google Adwords

Website design  & development objectives

Below you can see the key criteria we worked from to develop the look and feel for Ocuco Software Solutions. We used strong eye catching imagery and strong brand satement that you would not find on your average software website to help Ocuco stand out from the usual humdrum website development you see for software companies and because they need to appeal to a rather ' stylish ' target market.

Next we wanted to make it really easy for a site visitor to quikcly see which 'product suite' they are best suite to, to make it as easy a posible to find their way through what could be a confusing and daunting journaey through a large array of product options. We did this by presenting in large blocks across the screen a very clear  view of the market breakdown for products target to each segments needs

  • Develop a strong company identity online to promote Ocuco as a global leader
    in Optical Software
  • Establish with as much ease as possible that Ocuco provides the software
    solutions required by the potential customers visiting the site
  • Clearly define the targeted solutions that are available from ‘Ocuco’ and the types
    of clients and organisation’s that Ocuco works with
  • Establish Ocuco as the organisation that can best fulfill client needs by providing
    answers to critical decision making factors e.g. expertise, product quality,
    innovation, reputation, deployment, integration, support, flexibility etc
  • Provide easy access to the review the types of projects Ocuco has worked on,
    and how the Ocuco technology has been integrated and adapted for clients to
    achieve the required results
  • Encourage site visitors to contact Ocuco with their requirements


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