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The Chemco Group, one of the largest independent chemical companies in Ireland, has been supplying chemicals to Irish Industry since 1992.

  • Customer: Chemco
  • Project Type: Web
  • Release Date:
  • Delivered: Website Design, Html/CSS Development, Content Management System, Custom Backend, PHP, MySQL

Website Design Redevelopment

We spoke with The Chemsource Group back in 2009 when they were looking at the redevelopment of their website presence. At the time the Chemsource group had two distinct divisions:

  • Chemco: Chemco Ireland and the Chemco Food and Healthcare Divisions
  • Chemsource: the Pharma and Electronics Divisions

In 2009 the website had 3 areas that it covered, the group operations and the two operating divisions. The website was confusing to say the least and as a visitor it was very unclear as to what the organisation did, it appeared to have two company names, Chemco and Chemsource and no identification of the separation between the two, the markets they served or the services and products they supplied.

We explained that as the website was currently setup it was doing their organisation a disservice and needed to be replaced with a professional website that was easy for their customers to understand and navigate, so they could understand what Chemco was offering to them, as potential and current customers.

Website Overhaul

We used the website homepage to identify the key selling points of the organisation through the use of a slider and visuals. Next we identified the 4 key areas of operations and established exactly what Chemco do, along with a welcome positioning statement.

Website Design – Simple but Effective

The end result was a simple but effective presentation of Chemco, one that simply did not waste customers’ valuable time trying to navigation through a difficult and confusing navigation system to try and figure out what the group was all about.



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