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Google Adwords

Compared to impression-based campaigns where advertising is based on the number of impressions displayed and not on clicks received, Google Adwords offers a high level of assurance that your campaign is reaching the proper target.

Google Adwords - Implementation

Each Google Adwords campaign involves researching relevant keywords and bid prices, creating ad copy, and monitoring / editing to effectively target the key market. This includes all of the following:

  • Setting up your Google Adwords campaign
  • Working with you to agree a monthly budget
  • Researching your market and finding keywords/key phrases that offer the best return on investment
  • Managing your keyword selection
  • Setting your initial keyword bids
  • ¬†Writing targeted titles and descriptions for your Google Adwords campaign
  • Monitoring your keywords on a daily/regular basis
  • Eliminating non-performing keywords
  • Adding relevant keywords/phrases
  • Raising and lowering your bids to maximise your return

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