Twitter embraces e-commerce

Everyone is talking about the Twitter autoplay these days, but many seem oblivious to a much bigger change on the network. Twitter is now getting into e-commerce, hot on the heels of Facebook and Pinterest, and of course it’s not really that wasn’t much of a surprise.

The Twitter platform has now rolled out specialised pages for products and places, also giving a user the opportunity to purchase.

“In the coming months we’ll be testing more new experiences we hope give you the most personalized and relevant information about the places and things you want to explore,” said Amarylis Fox, Twitter product manager.


The pages will feature images, video content, prices and buying methods and users will be able to visit the sellers’ web pages in order to see their collections.


According to Mashable, this change comes as Twitter “finds itself mired in a bit of a slump”, with slow growth in both revenue and users.


So, are you happy e-commerce is coming on Twitter?

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