The importance of e-commerce websites

Lets start this discussion with a simple question: “Can anyone afford to lose a client these days?” and most people will say ‘of course not’.¬† So can you seriously not afford not to have at least a decent online catalog of your products when your competition is only just one click away?

Business owners and¬†entrepreneurs have been focusing their attention to ecommerce more and more over the past few years and with such phenomenal success stories like Amazon or eBay, ecommerce has really proven its absolute true potential. So let’s talk business, shall we?

First, lets look at the cost of implementation. Let’s say you are selling books. Now ask yourselves: How much would opening a new bookstore cost? And what would be the public reach? 100 people each day? Maybe 1000 passing by? Compared to the cost of a public venue, an online shop’s price is tiny and is done well and with a strartegic online marketing plan, your potential is so much greater. In choosing a traditional commerce model, to reach a high number of potential customers you would need a lot of staff and, perhaps, third parties. This, of course, has a cost and it leads to added expense i.e. your overheads grow. While in comparasion when going down the e-commerce route, you have direct access to your potential client and you can sell or generate leads with the minimum cost, without involving third parties.

In short: e-commerce has the potential to generate real sales revenue with much less market entry costs.

So, in short, how does e-commerce provide a real competitive edge in today’s marketplace?

1. Online sales are growing faster than you can imagine.

2. Very low implementation costs compared to traditional commerce solutions.

3. Fully integrated solutions (accounting, stock management, invoices etc.)

4. Very high reach.

5. No third parties needed.

Don’t you have an e-commerce website yet? What are you wating for?

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    Hi, its really a good post. You have really thrown a good light on the importance of the e commerce website. there are so many people who are unaware about this.


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