Why work with a framework in development?

Today it’s more and more common for developers to using frameworks for their projects. So what is a framework? Here’s an accurate definition, offered by Wikipedia:

In computer programming, a software framework is an abstraction in which software providing generic functionality can be selectively changed by additional user-written code, thus providing application-specific software.

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JavaScript vs. jQuery

…this is a debate that seems to have no definitive conclusion, at least not in the foreseeable future. Objectively and theoretically speaking, you could do the same things using either one of them, and you can mix them up as well. So why do developers have an affinity for one or the other, even though they could create the same effects using either one of them?

Before starting to look at the advantages and disadvantage each one has, we need to clarify a few items. Many people think that jQuery and JavaScript are two separate languages. In fact, jQuery is just the most popular library of JavaScript code. Its success relies on the optimisation performed over time by developers who worked on it open-source. Continue reading

Ads are coming to Instagram

Are you looking to expand your social media advertising onto other channels as well? Instagram may be the answer.

The network was purchased by Facebook back in 2012 and for a year and a half now, has been experimenting with advertising. Up until now, only a select group of marketers were able to post photo/video advertisements on the platform, but Instagram recently announced they will be opening the gates for a larger, yet still limited, group of partners. These partners are also companies that are currently advertising on Facebook. Continue reading

Digital Marketing – Teasing Your Audience

Put yourself in the regular user’s shoes. You are hit every second by so many marketing messages: ads on your social media accounts, google ads, banners, pop-ups and so on. How many of them do you actually see? And how many do you actually remember 10 seconds later?

Truth be told, we subconsciously filter all this information and it becomes what the industry refers to as “noise”. However, some commercial messages do stand out. What you need to do is to make sure yours is one of them. But how? Continue reading

Pinterest: Buyable pins rolling out on iOS

Earlier this month, Pinterest’s head of partnerships, Tim Kendall, hinted a new and very cool feature on Pinterest. We are talking about the integration of action buttons that allow you to buy products straight from the app.

If you are Pinterest fan, we bet there have been many times when you have wanted to ask a pinner “where did you buy this from!?” Well, with this new feature, you could place an order for it with just with just a few taps, from within the application (you won’t even need to be redirected to the retailer’s website). We are expecting major online stores to use these action buttons right away. Continue reading

Is your website retina-ready?

For quite a while now, the digital industry has been talking about responsive websites and the importance of having layouts that are mobile-friendly. We are no exception here. However, we believe that everyone might be ignoring an important area of development: retina displays. We know what you’re thinking: “Oh, do we have to be ready for those, too?” Indeed, you do! Continue reading

How to Monetize Great Content

“Write great content and the revenue will come” – this was the rule most of us used as a guide when creating online content. Whether we’re talking about blogging, video content, online newspapers etc., most of the publications that are offering their content for free, are usually making revenue using ads. However, judging by the way things are right now, we may just have to put “making revenue” into the past tense. Continue reading