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How to Monetize Great Content

“Write great content and the revenue will come” – this was the rule most of us used as a guide when creating online content. Whether we’re talking about blogging, video content, online newspapers etc., most of the publications that are offering their content for free, are usually making revenue using ads. However, judging by the way things are right now, we may just have to put “making revenue” into the past tense. Continue reading

Maybe a squeeze page is what your business is lacking

If you have never heard about squeeze pages, a simple definition is this: a squeeze page is similar to a dedicated website landing page, where its sole purpose is to capture email addresses from potential clients. In most cases, you have to give something in exchange. It may be a free trial, a free e-book or a discount voucher. Unlike a landing page, this kind of page should be very simple: ask only for an e-mail and maybe a name. Continue reading

Principles to boost your conversions

Based on the principle that conversion won’t happen if you don’t have a systematic approach, Peepa Laja from ConversionXL put together a guide that will help you understand how to evaluate your own website and what to do to get the most of it. In this article, we’ll talk about each step of this guide, because we really believe in what he says.

1. People judge books by their covers. And by this, Laja emphasizes how important design is for your business’ website. We’ve talked in a lot of our articles about why is web design crucial for your company, why does it need to be always up to date and suitable for all devices, and we’ll say it once again in his words: “Design matters. A lot. It has a strong impact on your conversions, the user experience and customer loyalty. The bar for web design keeps getting higher and higher. Don’t get left behind.” Continue reading

WordPress 3.8 review

Some very good news for web developers and bloggers came from WordPress a few days ago: WP 3.8 was released and it’s better than ever. The version is dubbed “Parker”, in honour of bebop innovator Charlie Parker. So what’s new?

Brand new admin dashboard:

The MP6 plugin gives the dashboard the desired look and feel, as well as the desired functionality. Unlike the old dashboard, which seemed quite overwhelming and overcrowded, the new admin interface is optimised so only the most relevant widgets are displayed. Continue reading

Pinterest Etiquette

If you love social networks and all the interaction these bring, you are probably aware already that Facebook, Google Plus, Tumblr, Twitter and all the others have some written and unwritten rules that you and others need to respect to ensure things work smoothly for all your online relationships.

The same is the case with Pinterest, one of the newer social networks that has gained much momentum over the past few years and proving perhaps that  a picture is worth a thousand words, manners are important even when it come to a social network based on images.

Continue reading

2 new features from YouTube

All Internet moguls seem very keen on improving their designs/features and YouTube is no exception here. Next, we will explain the two most recent changes adopted by YouTube: the “Feather” version and the Google+ integration in the comments area.

1. YouTube Feather Beta

Judging by the number of comments and the social buzz, there are a lot of “engaged” YouTube user. However, there still is that other niche that needs just the video content and nothing else the website or its other users have to offer. So far, the latter have been using browser plugins or other tricks to hide all the amount of unnecessary information on the website.

“Feather” is an official YouTube project that offers exactly that. Continue reading