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Google launches the Publisher Plugin for WordPress

The WordPress platform is becoming more and more popular amongst both bloggers and businesses. The WP dashboard is constantly being improved and developers are launching plugin after plugin. Basically, users are now accustomed to having everything in their dashboard, at just one click away. There is a plugin for almost anything, from traffic indicators to fancy email marketing solutions or e-commerce modules.

It’s safe to assume that a large number of the WordPress users are also using Google products and we have been expecting an official plugin from Google for quite a while now.

Google announced recently the new Google Publisher Plugin. This allows WP users that have their own domain to access a few G services within their dashboard.  Continue reading

WordPress 3.8 review

Some very good news for web developers and bloggers came from WordPress a few days ago: WP 3.8 was released and it’s better than ever. The version is dubbed “Parker”, in honour of bebop innovator Charlie Parker. So what’s new?

Brand new admin dashboard:

The MP6 plugin gives the dashboard the desired look and feel, as well as the desired functionality. Unlike the old dashboard, which seemed quite overwhelming and overcrowded, the new admin interface is optimised so only the most relevant widgets are displayed. Continue reading

Planning on launching a new blog?

We love bloggers. We admire their unaltered opinions and their courage to express their views and ideas. Of course, blogging became really trendy over the past few years and, let’s face it, along with the great quantity of information, the overall quality was diminished.

‘But there are so many blogs on the internet, is there really a place for me too?’, you might ask yourself. Of course there is. There is a place for everyone. The right questions would be ‘Can I add value to this community?’.

With the services provided by WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr, expressing yourself in public is literally at your fingertips. Continue reading