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3 Image Optimization Plugins for WordPress

You don’t have to be a photographer to be appreciative of high-resolution images, like you don’t have to be a designer to see that today websites are much more image-centred. The thing is, however, that although our broadband speed increased exponentially over the years, in order to be able to offer your audience the best user experience, you need to consider the size of the images. No one likes to wait ages for a photo to load. And “ages”, in the Online World, means no more than 2 seconds. Not to mention that a fast loading page is SEO-friendlier.

In today’s article, we are going to give a few solutions for those of you who are using WordPress for your blogs or websites. Continue reading

Three updates from Facebook

As you probably know by now, Facebook is a big fan of changes. The new timeline, the design, the decreased reach – all these changes that seem to have happened ages ago, are actually changes made pretty recently.

Why ? well according to Facebook…
“Facebook is constantly evaluating what’s the right mix of content in News Feed and we want to let you know about a change that may affect referral traffic for publishers. Referral traffic to media publishers from Facebook has more than doubled in the past 18 months and we’re always looking for ways to optimize how content is discovered and consumed. Media content is a key part of the experience for people on Facebook and we’re committed to helping publishers find the right audience for their content,” reads the newest announcement. Continue reading

The Mobile-geddon

It’s been quite a while since we have talked about a major update at Google. Of course, judging by Google’s history with updates, we were expecting a new move. Well, the waiting is over, the new algorithm is here and it impacts the mobile search.

Back in February, Google announced on their blog they were looking at improving the search results for mobile users. Continue reading

At least 800 content moderators are working for a cleaner Facebook

By the time you finish reading this sentence, 20 more Facebook accounts have been created somewhere in the world. There are more than 864 million logins every single day with almost 5 billion shared posts each day and almost 300,000 statuses updated every minute.

Can you even begin to imagine and comprehend the amount of traffic and content generated by these users? And how does Facebook stay on top of all this unmoderated information? Well, it relies on an algorithm and the other users’ common sense. Continue reading

At last, Pinterest’s “Pin It” button is here.

We know most of you love Pinterest and we completely understand that; and needless to say we completely relate!  We value this as we do so much online marketing on behalf of our clients and more often than we’d like to admit, we were mesmerised by all those amazing designs, recipes and DIY projects.

Pinterest is a great place to store all kinds of materials you want to use someday. A new design for your living room, a refurbishment project, a tutorial for sewing a dress or an idea for your next haircut. But sometimes we stumble across these ideas outside Pinterest and we’d love to pin them in a board. Since recently, this was a bit annoying and time consuming since you had to go on Pinterest, hit “+” button (which is inconveniently placed at the bottom of the screen, in our opinion), select the “pin from a website” option and so on. And now you don’t have to do that anymore. Continue reading

What is SVG?

While you were searching for icons, you may have seen the SVG format among the PNG or PSD versions. In today’s article, we are going to explain to you what the SVG format is all about, what are its benefits and where you can use it.

First of all, let’s explain the acronym. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. As a short definition, the SVG is an XML-based vector image format, with support for interactivity and animation. It has been in development at the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) since 1999, but it’s still a relatively unknown standard. Continue reading

Facebook’s new embeddable video player – not available for lives

The idea that Facebook is trying to become relevant in the video content area is not news and  they have been pushing videos uploaded on the platform for quite a while now, aiming to rival YouTube.

The new embeddable player, announced recently at F8, is clearly a bold step in this direction. However, during the event, live streaming was not one of the discussion topics. “It’s something we’re thinking about,” said a Facebook spokesperson, when asked by Mashable. Continue reading

5 things most people don’t know about social media marketing

When it comes to social media marketing more often than not we’ve seen people underestimating the work that needs to be done, trying to do it themselves or ignoring it altogether.

Whether you are a marketer or a client, here are 10 things you need to know about social media:

1.    DIY is OK, but only if you are an expert.

Social media has this great potential to help your business, but it can equally harm it if you are not doing it right. Of course, there’s nothing easier and more fun than posting on Facebook or Twitter, but this is just 5% of what a social media expert does.

2.    It takes time!

If you decided to give social media marketing a try, don’t expect results overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither is online marketing and creating a strong online presence for your organisation.

3.    It takes a lot of planning and strategy!

Some of the posts we see on Facebook pages might seem really simple and effortlessly composed. However, sometimes (and ideally) they are part of an online strategy. So don’t be fooled by simplicity, sometimes we see just the tip of the iceberg.

4.    It takes financial resources.

Facebook’s reach decreased drastically a while ago. So unless you are willing to invest some funds in your campaign, you can’t expect a strong outcome.

5.    It takes originality!

Just by copying someone else’s successful campaigns, you are not going to ensure your own success. You have to be fresh, original and witty