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Ways to Drive traffic to your Online Store

E-commerce is booming worldwide and if stores like Amazon are already well established, companies from all over the world are now joining the trend and looking for their market share. Your online store can join them, but, with all this competition, you need to become more cutting edge to make sure you won’t be left behind.


What’s the most important thing when discussing e-commerce? Conversion, of course. But how can you achieve online sales if you don’t have traffic? So here are the 3 key areas to focus on when devising your plans to drive traffic to your website so you can generate more leads and (obviously) sales. Continue reading

The Golden Ratio in Design

Being part of the great designers’ community, we couldn’t help noticing a lot of discussions regarding the golden ratio in design. While it might seem the next best thing, actually, this ratio often occurs in nature and has been used in artwork for centuries.

What is the golden ratio?

It’s very likely you have seen the graphic representation bellow. It is the visual representation (one of them) of the Golden Ratio.


The golden ratio (aka “divine section”) is a mathematical ratio (a number equal to approximately 1.6180) that appears countless times in geometry, art, architecture etc. It was studied for the first time by the ancient greek mathematicians and it has been fascinating scholars for more than 2,400 years.

Use it in your design!

Over time, many great artist (and by “great” we mean “DaVinci-great”) have used this ratio in their work. It’s not quite clear why, but humans are drawn by it, thus making the artwork appear even more beautiful in the viewers’ eyes.

Many today’s designs (websites, logos etc.) are based on it. See, for example, Twitter:


Here are some examples where you can most certainly rely on this rule:

– the content-sidebar ratio

– header-content font size

– photography (the rule of thirds)

The Importance of Branding

Imagine two coffee shops next to each-other. They both sell the same coffee at the same price. But there is one thing driving you towards one over the other – that’s the power of branding.

Branding is present in all aspects of our lives, whether we’re discussing personal or professional matters. Branding is the way you present yourself in front of your friends, as well as your business partners. This, of course, applies to the image projected by your company as well. Continue reading