Monthly Archives: October 2013

Website Police: Yahoo’s makeover

Yahoo suffered greatly over time because of its competitor, Google, but it seems that the Y! team is willing to step up and leapfrog the competition. At least that’s what they hoped when their newly revamped inbox was announced with pomp on their 16th anniversary. Truth be told, the users’ were more annoyed than impressed.

This is how it looks now:

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Social networks and job prospecting

If, by now, we discussed social networks mostly from a business point of view (social media), today we will discuss another side of social networking: personal use and the impact it can have when you go job-searching.

Let’s take, for instance, Facebook. Launched in 2004, the website reached a billion users by 2012. A tremendous amount of these users are not aware of the enormous volume of personal information they have benevolently submitted. And the worst thing is… the internet never forgets anything! No matter how many privacy settings you manage, it only takes a website update or a small distraction and everybody can see what you thought you have shared with your close friends.

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