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Make friends with the #hashtags

Everyone is craving for a more organised and relevant internet. We are fed unimaginable amounts of information of which only a small percentage is useful. Search engines, social media networks and many other online entities are putting a lot of effort into keeping up with the internet users’ needs. One method available to filter the information in certain digital environments is the hashtag.


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Content marketing or how to increase your sales by… not trying to sell.

In Business today, everybody is selling somethin, be it a product or a service. And, how do you attract new customer and clients? by advertising your products, right? Pitching your products to your potential customers seems the logical way to do it, but there is a huge problem. Given the incredible amounts of information, the public is not only fed up with promotional content, but also “trained” to ignore it. So let’s look at a new way to attract, retain and engage your audience without explicitly selling anything. Is this a paradox? Perhaps, but it works.

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Google+ started a new week with some novelties


If you are working in Social Media or involved in it, this news should be of interest to you. Google+ came up with some new changes on Monday, so we figured we take a look at what they are up to.

In order to continuously change and improve, Google+ now offers users the option of highlighting a post. To do this you would use the “embed post” tab, this is brand new and can be found in the upper right corner of every post, in the drop down menu hidden under the arrow that can be seen at mouseover. This is the fourth option in that specific menu and once clicked, users can copy and paste the code into another website. Even if the post is embedded it is still fully interactive and perfectly functional.

Before the feature was launched, Google tested it with National Geographic and with Sports Illustrated.

Another novelty from Google+ this week is an Author Attribution, allowing an easy connection to be made between an article or blog post and the profile of the author. A great method to emphasize original content and real authors, right? Although it functions now just for WordPress and Typepad, it will soon expand.

Although new for Google+, the embedded posts are not that new for the competition, as Facebook already developed and launched such a feature about a month ago. Not far from these is… Twitter. This social network also plans to come up with some changes in the near future.

Until then, why not try out the new functionalities Google+ has come up with and see if they work for you!

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Facebook’s like & share free pass

Ever since Facebook competitions gained popularity, marketers and business owners were instructed to avoid, at any cost, the “Like & Share” contest mechanism. Facebook’s guidelines clearly stated that penalties would be applied if anyone ignored these rules. However, judging by the way our timelines were still invaded by these types of promotions, we can be pretty sure that the algorithms were not that efficient and the guideline was close to impossible to enforce.

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