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NextGen: Single Board Computers

Is it exaggerated to say that the history of computers started somewhere around 2500 BC, with the Sumerian Abacus? NO, not at all. The truth is that, historically speaking, man has always been looking for machines to better the human performance.

So, the first electronic general-purpose computer dates from the mid-20th century. It was called ENIAC. Back then, a computer was as big as your office is today. Nowadays, you can fit a computer in the pocket of a pair of skinny jeans. We are not talking about your classic PC or Mac, we are talking about the new generation of One Board Computers. Continue reading

Case Study: The “ironed” logos

It doesn’t take a professional’s eye to notice that a flat and minimal design is gaining ground on the World Wide Web. It is a seriously big trend at the moment. To be really honest, we were fed up with gradients and bevels in design, so these new approaches are more than welcome.

It’s not just the avant-garde designers who have adopted this new design approach with great relish but also the  the design teams on the payroll of the biggest brands we know today.

Check out the  examples below: Continue reading