Monthly Archives: July 2013

Helping SMEs adapt in the digital era

The Irish Government recently proposed a support program to help Irish businesses ‘get real’ about online trading. SMEs will be able to apply for a voucher with a fixed value of 2,500 Euros to be invested in digital endeavours.

And why did the Government prepared a plan for the digital economy of the country? According to the latest research figures, online sales are growing 10 times faster than in regular economy, indicating a serious opportunity for new jobs creation. Taking into account the fact that 9 out of 10 jobs require a potential employee to have digital skills and 6 out of 10 Irish adults shop online, this seems like a logical move. Continue reading

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

… or How to chose the perfect typeface.

As a designer or just a simple business owner planning on launching a website, choosing the perfect fonts looks like an easy task at first, but later becomes a never-ending agony once you dive in the immense range of options.

Should you choose a Serif font? Should you go for a thin body or a strong one? Do you need special characters? Do you like the modern font families or the old style ones? If there were just 5 fonts it would be so easy to choose one and be happy with it. With big variety come big decisions.


At least we have Helvetica, which we love and hate, both at the same time. It’s overused, that’s right, but let’s face it: It’s so good! Continue reading

Social Media Conduct

The Internet is the most open communication channel and  therefore susceptible to really poor communication skills. Of course, anyone who has an opinion is entitled to share it with the world, but things are a bit different when you are a public figure or a spokesperson for a company. You are not speaking personally, and, if something goes wrong, the consequences will be shared. Continue reading

Planning on launching a new blog?

We love bloggers. We admire their unaltered opinions and their courage to express their views and ideas. Of course, blogging became really trendy over the past few years and, let’s face it, along with the great quantity of information, the overall quality was diminished.

‘But there are so many blogs on the internet, is there really a place for me too?’, you might ask yourself. Of course there is. There is a place for everyone. The right questions would be ‘Can I add value to this community?’.

With the services provided by WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr, expressing yourself in public is literally at your fingertips. Continue reading