Monthly Archives: June 2013

Smartphones – Practical applications or entertainment?

Today smartphones are the business!  And of course, being so popular there is huge competition in the smartphone market….. market warfare. The big brands are busting their brains to find ways to rival and exceed the competition.

But ask yourself, what is one thing all these devices have in common? They are suppost to make your life easier. But, do they? Perhaps, but is this why we use them? In light of a recent research, no! They are just so much more entertaining than your old phone.

We looked at the most popular smartphone apps. When we say smartphone, we don’t refer to any particular brand, it could be any device (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Bada, MeeGo etc.) We were not surprised to find out that the devices are mostly used for entertainment and social interaction. Continue reading

Optimising designs for Retina displays

Both designers and developers are accustomed to having to adapt to new technologies. We know the standards are now higher than ever with HTML5, CSS3 and responsive designs and it won’t come as a surprise if we tell you that’s not all you have to keep an eye on.

We already talked about the explosion of new devices on the market and how you have to optimise for each and every one. Most designers optimise for standard resolutions of the tablets, smartphones, desktop computers or laptops, but many of them overlook a new technology implemented by Apple, the Retina Display. Continue reading

Verified accounts – Now available on Facebook too

When we go online we need to make sure that we are accessing the websites we think we are and not a clone or a copy, today the online world can be a confusing place and its always good to check twice particlaurly when you are making online purchases or divulagaing personal details. This confusion now als extends to the social networks, how can you be sure that the people you are linking up with are the people you think they are, this can become a very confusing and sometimes dangerouse affair. This can be particularly problematic when it coms to protecting the identity of a brand or a public figure.

Among the important social networks, the first that got the wakeup call was Twitter, which has been offering the “verified account” option for quite a while now. The verified badge allows the users to trust the authenticity of the source. Continue reading