Monthly Archives: May 2013

The importance of e-commerce websites

Lets start this discussion with a simple question: “Can anyone afford to lose a client these days?” and most people will say ‘of course not’.  So can you seriously not afford not to have at least a decent online catalog of your products when your competition is only just one click away?

Business owners and entrepreneurs have been focusing their attention to ecommerce more and more over the past few years and with such phenomenal success stories like Amazon or eBay, ecommerce has really proven its absolute true potential. So let’s talk business, shall we? Continue reading

A few words about HTML5

So far we have talked about trends in design and programming so it makes sense to follow on and talk a little about HTML5 and its benefits. After all, it’s expected to be the next big thing. A lot of developers are  embracing this new markup language and, to be honest, we can’t see a reason why they shouldn’t. HTML5, It’s really great!

Why you ask? here are a few reasons, for starters….: Continue reading

Why do you need SEO?

We bet it’s been a long time since you last searched a business in the Yellow Pages Book. Well, you’re not the only one. Nowadays,  search engines are the ‘goto place’ we all go to when we need to find something.

The amount of information available online is incredibile  and of course, a lot of it is irrelevant. So search engines work very hard on keeping the most relevant information on the highest positions in the rankings. If someone searches “plumber in Dublin” they expect to see a list of plumbers’ websites, right? Well, there might be hundreds of plumbers in Dublin, but how do we place a specific one just under their nose? Simple answer: This is SEO.

The main objective of any SEO campaign is, obviously, generating conversion (e.g. someone finds your business online and calls you). However, this is no easy task and merely setting up a website does not gaurantee you sales.. So what do we need to do to make your website work for you? Here are some specifics: Continue reading

What is that “responsive design”?


In the past few years, mobile website traffic has increased significantly with sales in smartphones and tablets booming, some would say reaching unexpected of usuage levels.

Web developers must keep up with this (now) very important sector and find design solutions to accommodate all the various online browsing options. Clients need their business seen on any and every screen. What was once solved with a mobile version might not suffice today.  We have a lot of operating systems, such as iOS, Android, Widows Phone, Blackberry, Kindle and these are just a few. Don’t get us started on the multiple resolutions.

So we need a solution to keep all the users happy? And this might just be: Responsive Design. Continue reading