Facts about video marketing

Usually when agencies are looking at content and online marketing, it’s easy to draw the conclusion that the whole thing is just about the words we use.

Custom fresh copy included on your website cannot be underestimated, but, don’t forget about other types of content, like video. This can be used to great effect to enhance your online marketing. Video is the future and today creates a real opportunity to produce content that informs, engages and converts.

A lot of marketers use video marketing to increase brand awareness and improve on conversions.

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Mozilla kills Flash

Bad news for those of you who are nostalgic or still enjoy a flash game from time to time. The latest news come from Mozilla – they have blocked all versions of flash!

flashThe message above can be read on the Flash addon page. On this page, the team at Mozilla also answers a question many have asked: “Why?”. The explanations is plain and simple: “Old versions of the Flash Player plugin have known vulnerabilities.”. Continue reading

The Facebook X-Factor

Would you be surprised to learn that Facebook is changing its timeline algorithm again? Even though it hasn’t been very long since they announced another timeline change.

We all know that Facebook (and pretty much every website of sorts) stores a lot of information about the user. And while we might be a bit uncomfortable to let a website (and the company running it) know so much about us, but… we all do it anyway? So this time the idea is that your information is what’s going to help the new dynamic Facebook timeline algorithm to serve you stories you want? Continue reading

Twitter embraces e-commerce

Everyone is talking about the Twitter autoplay these days, but many seem oblivious to a much bigger change on the network. Twitter is now getting into e-commerce, hot on the heels of Facebook and Pinterest, and of course it’s not really that wasn’t much of a surprise.

The Twitter platform has now rolled out specialised pages for products and places, also giving a user the opportunity to purchase. Continue reading